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We are amazed by the high standard of focus, commitment and results that our members are achieving. Well done to you all.

Believing in yourself, clear direction and a commitment to see it through will get you results every time you set out to do something. Keep picking yourself up and move forward when you are set back. Never doubt yourself. Get on with it and enjoy the empowering experience of taking care of yourself.

You are a member of one of Ireland’s finest facilities. You are part of something amazing. Let’s get you some serious results.

If you have been lifting weights for a while and would like some focus for the next 6 – months, get started with phase 1 of our Body composition programme. Simply purchase a training programme from our store and we will get you started. By the end of the 6 months you will be amazed at the physical changes you see, as well as the mental toughness you will develop from adhering to some structured workouts.

Phase 1 runs over 5 weeks and has you working hard for 5 days per week. If you are training for a while now and want some serious results, this is for you. Mr Smyth is starting back on phase 1 himself, so see him in action at the gym.

Get in on the action!