Food Matters

What would it be like to live in a world that is better at preventing “lifestyle disease”, rather than treating symptoms? Imagine growing old in the best shape you could be in and minimising your risk of getting a chronic disease.

If we asked you about changes you could make to live a leaner and healthier life, what would you say? Most of you would say exercise more and eat better. So why is it so difficult? Is it because we are overthinking? What diet do I follow? How much exercise do I need? Are you making too much out of something really simple?

Your body is built to move and eat real food.  Train your body, eat real food, get some rest, keep hydrated, feel better. Real food is food that is as close as possible to it’s natural state. Go find that, come to the gym a few times a week to tone up, de-stress, and the other stuff will work itself out.

Team BMS.