Member success!

Sometimes it is tough to visualise what you want when it comes to getting in shape. Here is our member’s story, in her own words. We hope it inspires many others to make the start to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. We are proud of this lady and we are also super proud of our trainer Liam Hegarty aka ‘Punk’ who was there every step of the way. Take a bow both of you!


Here is her story:


“A year ago I was the heaviest weight I have ever been, my self esteem was low and I had little to no confidence in myself. Wanting to lose weight and become fitter I asked the team at BMS to help me set and achieve fitness goals. Lorraine and Seamus put together a meal plan tailored to my needs and Punk took me under his wing and developed a fitness plan which slowly helped me build confidence in the gym. A year later I’ve now lost close to 20kg and my lifestyle has completely changed for the better, The biggest difference I’ve noticed is I feel happier and confident. The gym has now become something in my day which I look forward too. 


I continued my weight loss journey during lockdown with the online help of the classes and nutritional support from Punk. What started as wanting to lose a bit of weight has now become a new way of life for me and I’ve never felt better, thanks to amazing staff at BMS for all the guidance and encouragement I’ve received. It can be overwhelming in the beginning but with the staffs knowledge and enthusiasm they made me feel at ease in the gym and I couldn’t recommend a better place to start your fitness journey.”


Look what she has achieved! Amazing stuff!