Body Composition Scan

25.00 inc.Vat


We use an InBody – Body composition analysis machine. Measure lean segmental body fat, lean mass, water weight, fat and lean mass distribution, basal metabolic rate and much more.

Get a comprehensive analysis that includes:

  • Muscle – Fat ratio
  • Percentage Body Fat

And much more!!!! Remember, we can change what we measure!

If you are part of our NRG Plus+ membership, you get this free as part of your amazing training package with us!

Points to note prior to booking your appointment:

Do test:

  • Remove Shoes and Socks.
  • After a minimum of 3 hours fasting.
  • After 10-15mins rest.
  • Standing for 5 minutes.
  • After using the toilet.
  • With light clothing and empty pockets.
  • At a consistent time of day.

Do not test:

  • With a pacemaker.
  • Directly after a shower or sauna.
  • With heavy metallic jewellery.
  • During Menstrual period. (5 days either side).
  • If you are pregnant.