WOD (1hr)

9.00 inc.Vat


Workout Of the Day

We are taking group training sessions to the next level. We are bringing you functional fitness at it’s finest. Improve strength, stamina and endurance.  You will notice serious physical and mental improvements from these sessions. We believe structure should be part of every workout and it should lead to progression. So here is what we have done.

Suitable for all abilities, each WOD has progression levels implemented for the harder stuff, so you can challenge yourself more over time. Our Team will guide you safely. You also get the workout sent direct to your phone the night before and log your results to your very own profile on the day.

All of the sessions are pre-programmed by us and you can track your progress week to week. Look back at weights lifted for each exercise, times achieved on cardio equipment and push a little further each time they appear in the future.  Have the ability to regress when you need to take it easier and push to the next level when your on form.

If you can’t make the session, you have access to the workout all day long through your app.

Join the leader-board and even take pictures as proof you deserve it! All NRG members also get the chance to enter our fitness competitions. Preparation starts now.

Get results that will stick. This session is also part of the NRG Membership.

Conditions of entry :

Casual entrants, booking is essential the day before. Tracking facility is for members only. No late arrivals will be allowed for safety reasons. Please arrive 5 mins before the session. classes class