Members loyalty discount.

Renewal period Price
1 - 5 79.00
6 - 11 77.00
12+ 75.00

NRG Plus +

79.00 inc.Vat every 4 weeks


What is it?

  • Instructor led group training.
  • Programmed workouts that get results.
  • Regressed levels of workout for every session, suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Workout Tracking facility
  • Monthly Body Composition Scan

How is it different to other gym classes?

  • We plan your sessions. You get carefully structured workouts.
  • You have a tracking facility to monitor your progress.
  • You know the day before what your workout will be and get the chance to select the level you want to try each time you come.
  • The workout is displayed on the big screen at our super new facility.
  • Watch the leaderboard facility to see your friend or teammate’s achievements.
  • You get to use some of best equipment available in Ireland!
  • You get a monthly body composition scan using our In-Body system.
  • You have the opportunity to enter our hosted fitness competitions to test your fitness progress.

What’s in the Membership?

Unlimited access to online sessions*
Unlimited access to recorded workout videos
Unlimited access to instructor- led group sessions at the gym

Get your own profile that will track your weights lifted, progress photos, friends and community achievements, as well as show your workout before you arrive!

Compare your Body Composition monthly and see how you are progressing.

Get results that stick, sign up today.

#Member Loyalty discounts apply#

*Sessions are via Zoom. Your link is in the booking receipt.

NRG Group Training

NRG Group Training Only, NRG Plus (Body Scanning)