Lift (30mins)

9.00 inc.Vat


For muscle building and toning. Feel like a Warrior in this very popular session. Lifting weights is backed by science as one of the most beneficial things you can do for your Body and Mind. Get strong, lean, and confident. We love to lift at BMS. Join us for a carefully structured session where we will teach you correct technique and ways to progress.

Improve your strength and flexibility with the BMS Strength Coaches. This full-body strengthening workout is designed to sculpt and tone your whole body. Strength training targets all the major muscle groups. It makes you stronger, leaner, and it is the key to mobility, improved performance in everyday activities, and lower injury risk. We will use weights and bodyweight exercises to help you get a stronger core and more muscular physique. Get fit faster and build muscles faster!

Lift weights and get serious physical improvements.

Suitable for all abilities. Our expert Team will guide you safely. This is a real confidence booster that enables you to lift more confidently in our other classes.

All of the sessions are pre-programmed and you can track your progress week to week.

Get results that will stick. This session is also part of the NRG Membership. Exercise classes class