Group Training Sessions

Classes have had a makeover at BMS Warehouse Gym.

Now you get a workout profile that will track your weights lifted, progress photos, friends and community achievements, as well as show your workout before you arrive! We help you track it all!

What is it?

  • Instructor-led group training.
  • With your old favourites workouts plus more!
  • A BMS Warehouse Gym program that uses the latest software out there to get you measurable results.
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness.
    Regressed levels available every session.
  • A workout community with a positive energy.


How is it different to other gym classes?

  • We plan for you in advance. You get carefully structured workouts - balanced exercises.
  • You have a tracking facility to monitor your progress.
  • You know the day before what your workout will be.
  •  You have the chance to select the level you want to try each time you come.
  • The workout is displayed on the big screen at our super new Bundoran facility.
  • Watch the leaderboard to see your friend or teammate achievements. You can even compare yourself to your trainers!
  • You get to use some of best equipment available in Ireland!
  • You have the opportunity to enter our hosted fitness competitions to see how much you have progressed while training with us.
  • You get the opportunity to gauge your performance and take a de-load or rest at the right time.
  • Get the balance right and prevent overtraining.
  • Get fitter, stronger and faster with the whole community behind you.

What’s in the Membership?

  • Unlimited sessions.
  • Unlimited access to recorded workout videos.
  • Tracking facility to monitor your progress.
  • An awesome gym community behind you all the way.


Why not try a Platinum membership to get access to the gym and classes, along with a monthly body composition scan.