Mobility Stretch and Flex class
In Gym

Improve your range of motion, stretch those tight muscles and reconnect the mind to the body in this super... Read More

A.M.R.A.P As Many Reps As Possible
In Gym

Try AMRAP, muscle-shaking, a heart-pounding and sweat-pouring class that will work the entire body and improve aerobic fitness. AMRAP... Read More

Cycle & Tone Cardio and Toning class all in one!
In Gym

The popular BMS Cycle and Tone is a group training session that will give you the ultimate head –... Read More

Pulse Pulse class
In Gym

Get involved in Heart Rate Training using our Polar Training System. A superb group fitness workout for all levels.... Read More

H.I.I.T High Intensity Interval Training
In Gym

H.I.I.T  (High-intensity interval training) High-intensity bursts of work, broken up by moments of rest and recovery. Busy life? No... Read More

WOD Workout of the Day
In Gym

This is our Hyrox Base-camp. We are taking group training sessions to the next level. Get serious physical and... Read More

LBT Legs Bums and Tums
In Gym

BMS Legs Bums & Tums is a 45minute group exercise workout that focuses on your legs, glutes, and stomach... Read More

Pump Barbell session
In Gym

Pump is a barbell group session at BMS Warehouse Gym. It is designed to work every major muscle group... Read More

Lift Weight Training Session
In Gym

For muscle building and toning. Feel like a Warrior in this powerful session. Lifting weights is backed by science... Read More

GROUP TRAINING Membership Offers

Get superb value in a Group Training Membership. The more you go, the cheaper your sessions get!

Our Memberships offer a wide variety of options and training opportunities any time of the day.

Train with us in person in our highly motivating group sessions at the gym, where our coaches help you safely reach your goals.

All sessions can be bought individually or as part a our great value memberships:

  • NRG
  • Platinum


  • Access to recorded workout videos
  • Access to in Gym Classes
  • Access to Gym

4 weeks of:

  • Access to recorded workout videos 24hrs a day
  • Access to NRG Sessions at the gym
  • The more you attend, the cheaper they get! Huge value for money and we have you covered 24hrs a day, so there are no excuses!
  • Our sessions are highly motivating and our community love them.
  • We program ahead and offer different intensity levels to keep you all challenged. Come see for yourself.
  • Track your progress and get your workouts delivered to you the night before.
  • Have the chance to compete in our hosted fitness events.
  • All fitness levels are welcome.


Platinum Membership

  • Free monthly body scan
  • Access to recorded workout videos
  • Access to NRG Gym sessions
  • Access to Gym

4 weeks of it all!

  • Get unlimited access to all of our memberships. Join the NRG Community and also have the flexibility to work out in your own time using our program.