The Mission

Our mission at BMS Warehouse Gym is to provide a one- stop community hub for sustainable wellbeing, holistically coaching for success.

We have a vision of wellness for everyone.

After living for over a decade in Australia, Lorraine and I moved back to our beautiful community in the town of Bundoran to re-connect with our family and the local community. We started BMS Warehouse Gym in this beautiful seaside resort to provide people with an opportunity to take control of their own wellbeing.

We have expanded and developed an online facility, our community of members now span across the world. Many people who have been to the BMS gym in Bundoran have continued the connection with us online. Some join our live classes and others get personal training regularly from overseas. Once you experience the BMS atmosphere, the connection will always be there.

Our fantastic team of trainers are highly motivated individuals. They all work hard to ensure they have the latest knowledge and qualifications that will provide every client with the level of service that they deserve. We have a non- judgmental environment within our community which is open to all levels of fitness, from novice to expert.

We welcome you to the BMS Warehouse Gym community and look forward to providing you with the opportunity to succeed on your health and fitness journey.

Seamus Smyth