What is Hyrox?

Hyrox is a fitness race for everyone.

More than 52% gym goers say gym fitness is their sport. The training they do is aimed at improving their health and mental wellbeing as well as to improve their overall fitness.

HYROX is a functional fitness challenge aimed at taking that training and directing it to fitness race that allows you to see progress in your training, push your limits and enjoy being part of a worldwide fitness community, no matter what your age or fitness level.

Hyrox womens doubles - Niamh and Michelle Ireland

Each HYROX race follows exactly the same format no matter where you take part in the world.
HYROX events are indoor and take place in large venues like exhibition centres, conference halls or arenas.

Every race is the same at each event and the race involves eight 1000metre runs with a fitness station after each run. The fitness stations involve basic functional fitness moves that can be accomplished by anyone with moderate fitness and some preparation.


What is the Hyrox race format?

There are four different race categories – Open, Pro, Doubles and Relay

CategoryParticipantsAthlete level
OPEN1 ( men or women)Every athletic ability
PRO1 (men or women)Experienced athletes
DOUBLES2 (mens doubles, womens doubles, mixed doubles)Every athletic ability
RELAY4 (mixed)Every athletic ability

Each age group has a first, second and third place winner, who win a flag and the opportunity to compete at the HYROX world championships which take place once per year.

Within each category, athletes compete in their own age groups (from 16 years old to 89 years). Athletes are given a preset start time with race waves beginning every 10 minutes throughout the day. Each wave has athletes from every age group, which in many ways removes pressure.

Why train for HYROX at BMS Warehouse GYM?

BMS Warehouse gym are Ireland’s first HYROX affiliated partner gym. We have the largest HYROX community in Ireland, with athletes competing in HYROX events all across Europe in all categories and age groups. Many of our athletes compete in the World Championships

We offer a wide range of programs for those returning to fitness, for beginners, leading to our exceptionally popular and widely emulated WOD classes. In addition we offer personal training