Gym Training Programme

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Simply purchase the category you would like, and we will get you started right away. We will assign you the program via an amazing app that helps you track your weights lifted, shows all your analytics, captures progress photos and much more!!!

If you want to train towards a Hyrox event, simply start by selecting your event category from the drop down menu, and begin at phase 1. All Hyrox programmes contain between 4 and 6 days of training spread over 4 weeks. They can be quite intense, but the programme can be repeated if you are not hitting the mark after phase 1.

We recommend getting a bespoke plan or even personal training if you are a total beginner in order to achieve a base level of fitness.

Get some structure and have something to work towards!


Programme Level

Bespoke Gym Programme, Hyrox Female Open Phase 1, Hyrox Female Open Phase 2, Hyrox Female Open Phase 3, Hyrox Female Open Phase 4, Hyrox Doubles Phase 1, Hyrox Doubles Phase 2, Hyrox Doubles Phase 3, Hyrox Doubles Phase 4, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 1, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 2, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 3, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 4, Hyrox Male Open Phase 1, Hyrox Male Open Phase 2, Hyrox Male Open Phase 3, Hyrox Male Open Phase 4, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 4, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 2, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 3, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 1