Hyrox & Gym Training Programmes

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Elevate your fitness journey and surpass the competition with BMS Warehouse Gym’s exclusive Hyrox Training Programs.

Whether you’re near or far, our programs are designed to help you achieve your Hyrox goals, regardless of your location. Join our virtual community and experience the transformative power of our comprehensive training, recovery, and mindset techniques. 

Our Hyrox Training Programs offer: 

Comprehensive Training: Our expert coaches have crafted detailed training programs that cover all aspects of Hyrox racing. With four phases designed for each category, our programs allow you to progress from foundational fitness to race readiness. Each phase is carefully tailored to build your strength, endurance, and skills, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Guidance for Optimal Nutrition: Fueling your body properly is crucial for peak performance. Our programs include sample nutrition guidance to help you make informed choices and optimize your nutrition for training and recovery. Our knowledgeable staff will provide general guidelines and support to help you make the best food choices to support your fitness goals. 

Attention to Recovery: We understand that recovery is essential for maximizing performance and preventing injuries. Our training programs prioritize recovery techniques such as stretching, foam rolling, and restorative practices to ensure you’re properly recovering between sessions. This attention to recovery will help you bounce back faster and perform at your best. 

Mindset Techniques for Success: The mental aspect of training and competing is equally important. Our programs incorporate mindset techniques to help you develop a winning mentality, build resilience, and overcome challenges. From visualization exercises to positive affirmations, we’ll provide the tools to help you perform better than the rest. 

Expert Coaching and Support: Our experienced coaches are committed to your success. They will provide guidance and support throughout your Hyrox journey, simply get in touch. With their expertise and motivation, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to push past your limits and achieve your goals. 

Access to Community App: As part of our Hyrox Training Programs, you’ll gain exclusive access to our community app. This app enables you to track and record your progress, connect with fellow athletes, and participate in challenges and events. Engage with our supportive community, share your achievements, and get inspired by others on the same journey. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your Hyrox training to the next level. Join our virtual Hyrox Training Programs and experience a transformative fitness journey like never before. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, our programs are designed to help you excel and reach your full potential. 

Are you ready to conquer the world of Hyrox racing? Enroll in our Hyrox Training Programs today and unleash your inner champion. Take the first step towards greatness and join our community of dedicated athletes. Together, we’ll push boundaries, surpass expectations, and achieve greatness. Don’t wait—start your Hyrox journey with us now! 

Let’s make your Hyrox dreams a reality! 

We recommend getting a bespoke plan or even personal training if you are a total beginner in order to achieve a base level of fitness.

Programme Level

Bespoke Gym Programme, Hyrox Female Open Phase 1, Hyrox Female Open Phase 2, Hyrox Female Open Phase 3, Hyrox Female Open Phase 4, Hyrox Doubles Phase 1, Hyrox Doubles Phase 2, Hyrox Doubles Phase 3, Hyrox Doubles Phase 4, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 1, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 2, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 3, Hyrox Female Pro Phase 4, Hyrox Male Open Phase 1, Hyrox Male Open Phase 2, Hyrox Male Open Phase 3, Hyrox Male Open Phase 4, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 4, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 2, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 3, Hyrox Male Pro Phase 1